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Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

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    Microcurrent Facial Toning Devices

    Don’t let puffy cheeks, a double chin, wrinkles, or other imperfections lessen your self-worth. Our microcurrent facial toning device is just a click away ready to transform your skin and leave you loving who you see in the mirror. Get out of this world skin with our microcurrent device today!

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    Reveal the Most Beautiful Version of Yourself With Our Microcurrent Facial Toning Device!

    Even though we know it’s wrong, women have a way of constantly comparing ourselves to others and narrowing in on our imperfections. 

    It’s something we’re all guilty of - whether you’re looking at pictures and feeling sick about those puffy cheeks or zeroing in on your double chin as you get ready in front of the mirror. These issues can chip away at your confidence and leave you feeling disheartened. 

    But what if we told you that NOVA Skincare held the key to unlocking your most beautiful, radiant skin yet? We’re passionate about empowering women to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin, and we’ve developed a suite of face contouring devices to help you do just that.

    These innovative microcurrent facial devices merge sophisticated skincare technology with at-home convenience. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose!

    “I noticed a huge difference the very first day, I look naturally contoured. This girl on TikTok makes before & after videos with the NOVA+ and the afters are amazing, and now I get it. The difference is RIDICULOUS!”

    “Right before my eyes, I saw the wrinkles on my forehead disappear and my cheek slim down. I could feel the little zap as I dragged it along my cheekbone. I suffer from puffiness and fine lines so when I felt my face tighten with every zap I got so excited. This product is the real deal.”

    “This little thing works and WAY cheaper than a face lift or visit to the Med Spa. My face has lifted, my cheekbones are so defined I love it. If you’re nervous just got for it!”

    What Separates Our Microcurrent Device From the Rest?

    NOVA Skincare is your one-stop shop for preventing or correcting skincare concerns, whether it’s our viral microcurrent facial toning device, our body cavitation machine, or our cellulite machine

    We have two microcurrent devices to help you regain your youthful, radiant, snatched skin: The NOVA+ microcurrent face toner and the Omni LED microcurrent handset. Each is designed to cater to a specific skincare goal.

    Our NOVA+ microcurrent face toner redefines your facial contours in just 5 seconds a day. It works deep within your skin to carve, lift, and enhance your features, promoting collagen production and treating puffiness with the grace of FDA-approved and Aesthetician-cleared technology.

    On the other hand, our Omni device is a 3-in-1 skincare marvel that combines the power of microcurrent therapy with LED light settings to target, treat, and transform your skin. It addresses everything from double chins to loose skin, powered by red, green, and blue light therapy options, each serving a distinct purpose to rejuvenate, purify, and soothe your complexion.

    Across all our solutions you can rest assured you’re getting the microcurrent facial device you deserve. Don’t just take our word for it, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can place your order with complete confidence today! 

    Invest in Effortlessly Radiant, Snatched Skin With Our Microcurrent Facial Device and Love Who See in the Mirror! 

    Imagine a world where your skin defies gravity, where each contour is a testament to timeless beauty, and your glow rivals the stars. With NOVA Skincare's microcurrent facial toning devices, this dream becomes your reality. 

    Remember, we also have a body contouring machine and fat burning machine to address other concerns holding you back from loving yourself to the fullest. We’re your one-stop-shop for science-backed, at-home beauty care.

    Ready to become the supernova you were always destined to be? Step into a universe where beauty knows no bounds with NOVA skincare’s microcurrent devices today.