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Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

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    Body Contouring Machines

    Put saggy skin and cellulite in the past for good so you can love who you see in the mirror and in photos. Our body contouring machines harness the power of ultrasonic cavitation technology to help you achieve that snatched look effortlessly - try it risk-free for 30 days!

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    Make Your Dream Figure a Reality With Our Body Contouring Machines For Sale!

    Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, wishing away stubborn fat that refuses to budge despite diet and exercise? You’re not alone. 

    For many women, areas like the lower belly, thighs, and arms can remain frustratingly unresponsive to traditional weight loss methods. And then, there’s the cellulite and saggy skin that even the most rigorous skincare routines seem immune too.

    But what if we told you the solution wasn’t exercising more, eating less, or wasting your money on expensive salon visits? Our body cavitation machine can help you attain your dream body with just a few sessions a week.

    This body contouring machine for sale not only tackles tough fat but also enhances skin texture, reducing cellulite and tightening saggy areas. It's it's your new beauty partner in sculpting the body you’ve always wanted. See what others thought after trying it themselves:

    “I noticed a huge difference the very first week, my body is looking TIGHT! This woman on TikTok makes before & after videos with the SONIQ and the afters are amazing, and now I get it. The difference is CRAZY!”

    “You will feel very gentle pulses on your skin, my body is firmer, and my cellulite has almost completely gone away. I can't wait to see the results after a few months in. Definitely worth the money.”

    “This little thing works and WAY cheaper than a Med Spa and it worked on me so um...YES. If you’re nervous just go for it, I promise.”

    How Does it Work?

    Our cellulite machine is based on cutting-edge ultrasonic cavitation technology to shape and tone your body without the need for surgery. 

    Powerful ultrasonic pulses target adipose (fat) cells, creating microscopic bubbles within the cells. As these bubbles expand and burst, they cause the fat cells to break down, effectively reducing body fat in treated areas.

    Think of it as non-surgical liposuction. This process diminishes the adipose layer and significantly sculpts your body contours, leaving behind a stunning smooth figure. 

    Each 15-minute session with our body contouring machine can dramatically improve your shape, bringing you closer to the figure you've dreamed of without any downtime, pain, or costly procedures.

    It’s not just a fat burning machine, either. It boosts blood circulation, stimulates collagen production, and improves the absorption of skincare products. This means your skin also gains a healthier, more vibrant glow. 

    Plus, the device is FDA-approved and cleared by aestheticians, ensuring safety and effectiveness. You can enjoy peace of mind implementing our microcurrent toning device into your beauty regimen knowing it’s backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose, and it could be the key to unlocking the body you fantasize about! 

    Try Our Body Contouring Machine Risk-Free Today and Experience the Difference Firsthand!

    If you're ready to transform your body and boost your confidence, it's time to make SONIQ a part of your regular routine. The best part? Using the device is simple and straightforward. 

    Start by cleansing your skin with an oil-free formula. Apply the activating gel we include and then select your desired strength level. Glide the body contouring device with medium pressure over target areas for 15 minutes. 

    Post-treatment, wear a body shaper for about 8 hours (we have those here too!) For best results, use once every 72 hours during the first 60 days. It’s really that easy!

    We also have a face contouring device that can help you chisel your jawline and cheeks! NOVA Skincare is your one-stop shop for all things contouring so you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

    So, take the first step toward your ultimate body transformation by ordering the SONIQ device today.