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Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns

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    PrettyPads™ Reusable Puppy Pads

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    Potty training made easy! 🐾

    🐶 Super absorbent quilted design & odor trapping technology!

    🐶 Distinct patterns naturally attract your pup & easy on the eyes.

    🐶 Machine washable! Rewash them over 200 times.

    🐶 Keep your home looking good & smelling even better.

    🐱 Cats love them for their litter boxes too!

    PrettyPads™ potty train your pet in TWO WEEKS.

    Traditional disposable puppy pads are a cheap bandaid, PrettyPads™ gets to the root of the problem. Training your pet where to go potty. Our pads were created to offer every pet parents an easy & fast way to potty train their pet and keep their home clean, pretty & smell free.

    *52% of PrettyPads™ users saw their pups potty trained in 3 days.

    The secret is our distinct patterns and texture naturally attract your pet. Just place it where you would place your old puppy pad.

    We're so confident in PrettyPads™ if your pet isn't potty trained in two weeks, we will completely refund your order.

    "The Longer You Wait, The Worse It'll Get"

    You've created a beautiful home for yourself but the more your pet  pee's in your carpets, poops your couches, or even your or bed the more those fabrics absorb. The longer this goes on the harder it is to fully get rid of those smells.

    Then comes the day you can't get rid of the smells no matter how hard you scrub or a guest comments on the smell of your home.

    Don't let your pet turn your entire home into their personal stinky litter box.

    Odor Trapping Technology

    We used a unique blend of cotton & polyester to create an ultra absorbent & smell locking core.  We promise no one will smell a thing.
    No more pee puddles.
    No more dirty accidents caked into your carpet.

    No more gross smells when you walk into your home.

    For All Size Breeds!

    Traditional Puppy Pads Don't Work!

    Traditional puppy pads are a bandaid, and they certainly don't potty train your pet. PrettyPads gets to the root of the problem. Potty training your pet. No more spending $40 every month on disposable pads that go straight to the landfill.

    Order Today!
    30-day money back guarantee.
    Try PrettyPads™ Completely Risk-Free

    How To Use PrettyPads:

    1. Introduce your dog to the pad.

    2. Anticipate when they're likely to pee (soon after sleeping, playing or eating).

    3. Take them to the pad to pee and reward them with a treat.

    4. Repeat until your dog starts going to the pad by themselves.

    5. If your goal is to teach your dog to pee outside, gradually move the pad outside until your dog starts going out by themselves.


    *For pets that "leg raise" to pee, we recommend you to get one size up & attach part of the PrettyPad to the wall with a mild adhesive.



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